I manage a country homestead and the lives of my 4 babies ages 10,8,5 and 3. I LOVE TO RUN and NEED to keep healthy and fit for my SANITY!! Seriously....All problems are solved when I am running.

Making MY health a priority allows me to be the mother and wife that I need to be for them.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crossed One Off the Bucket List today!!

21 km Ottawa 1/2 Marathon
Official Chip Time: 2hrs 1minute 10 seconds
10km split time: 1:00:16 (this means my 2nd half was WAY faster than my first half)
Pace: Avg 5:55/km
Placed 296th out of 818 in my Age/gender Category
1409th out of 5309 Females.

Not bad for a first 1/2 Marathon. It was very humid and started to rain but it was an incredible course and I surprised myself with a 3km sprint at the end. I was aiming for 2:20 but 10 minutes in the run I knew that goal would be left behind!

I expected the run to hurt. Badly. Instead it was incredible. I felt NO PAIN. Only a little hamstring tightness at the 14km mark. I honestly think I smiled the entire 21kms. I took it easy in the beginning. I didn't want the adrenaline rush to push me out to fast, but after about 10 minutes I realized that I could go way faster than I was planning on. I still wanted to enjoy and soak up every moment so I was talking the entire first half. I realize now that if I pushed a little more I would have accomplished a sub 2hrs 1/2!!!!! Oh well. Racing was not my goal. Finishing was and I'm happy I enjoyed every minute.

The race was more than I could have ever asked for and an experience I will NEVER FORGET.

I had a WONDERFUL 2 DAYS. On Saturday I got to watch one of my bff's cross the finish line for her first 5km run EVER, and then head out for a pre race pasta supper.

Here are some pictures of the days events......

Kirsten and I at The Grand

After picking up my race package and attending the fitness expo. My nerves were a little shot until I held that race package in my hands. Here I was starting to get a little excited in that ' I'm going to barf kind of way '

Don't let my husbands face fool you. He really was just as excited as I was. Well...at least he was humoring me ;)

This is me and my friend Grace before the race. She ran it to keep me company. Wasn't that nice of her? She was so much fun and kept me going. I've never ran with anyone who kept thanking the people on the sidelines for their support. Great woman.

This is me around 13kms in. I lost Grace a couple of kms back at the Gatorade station and was lonely. At the same time the rain came down :( I did not really feel the rain however because prior to that we were ALL soaked with sweat due to the incredible humidity. THANK THE LORD the sun did not decide to shine! I think I would have died. Seeing my husband and Grace's husband was a big boost.

The below picture is funny for one reason. Notice the lady in black second from the left? That is Grace SPRINTING to catch up to me after Adam told her I was a little ahead. God love her because I don't think I could have sprinted to catch up to her! Anyway...we found each other again thanks to her. Not thanks to me. I'm the one who apparently left her at the Gatorade station :(

This is me at the 17km mark just passing the National Art Gallery. It was pouring rain but I could hardly feel it. Seeing my friends at this point was a HUGE boost. After this there was only 4km to go, into the amazing crowd and HOME to the finish line. I seriously RAN the last 3 kms. I felt no pain, and it was incredible. I think it was also downhill, which kind of helped :)

I found my friends again on the sidelines just after I crossed the finish line. This is one of the signs they made for me. I have the best friends EVER. And not just the ones that stood in the rain and screamed like idiots on the side of the road ;) ( that's what good friends do you see)

Done! Did it. I'm kind of in shock here. And sweaty. And Wet.

My soaked to the bone husband. Cheering on those sidelines was NOT for sissies. Supportive, screaming and amazing people yes....but not sissies.

Oh here is another. My friend Kirsten. The one that ran the 5km yesterday? Well she came BACK to support me. She was wet too. See what great peeps I have??

The after shot. See I found Grace. O.K yes she found me. I did not realize just how soaked I was until I started shivering in the car. I also can't see a thing. My sunglasses are prescription but were all foggy.

I'm not sure why I just posted this. It could be the combination of Robax Platinum and smelly Icy/Hot body rub cream that is making me do it. Anyway whatever...Post race lunch. Yummm

Some of my support crew. At least the sideline screaming idiots anyway. Not the kids...the grown adults...lol (They know I love them)

So?? Now what? I'm not sure what is next. I don't really care to be honest. This 1/2 Marathon training has taught me to just enjoy the Journey and right now I'm still in the moment.

Thanks again to my husband and kids who endured countless hours of my absence as I pounded the pavement. Thank you to my friends and family who supported me with words of encouragement and their money as I surpassed my fund raising goal. Thank you to my parents who entertained my babies to allow me to enjoy the weekend worry free. Thank you to my running partners Anita and Grace. Also, Thank you GOD for allowing me to run after being told 7 years ago that I may never be able to walk again. Thank you for showing me that All things are possible through Christ who gives me that strength.

One step at a time anything is possible....

Till then,

Keep running the race my friends.



Anita said...

Awesome job Alyson! God is good!

Kirsten said...

You are amazing, an inspiration and one of the reasons why I hit the pavement. You rock, and I am SO proud to have been a part of today. I think my clothes are still wet.
xoxoxoxoxxo :)

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Cheryl said...

Congratulations! Looks like you had a great "time" and experience too.

Nicole said...

Congratulations! I have never met you in person, but your post brought a tear to my eye. I love inspirational stories :)
Good job!

Dad said...

Proud of my little girl.

AnnG said...

This is one of the best race reports I have EVER read!! What an inspiration!! So happy to hear you blew your goal out of the water!! Whooohooooo!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you my friend! I am so happy for you! You did so well, and your body held up! :D

I loved seeing all of your photos, and hearing your story.

Good for you!! You did it!