I manage a country homestead and the lives of my 4 babies ages 10,8,5 and 3. I LOVE TO RUN and NEED to keep healthy and fit for my SANITY!! Seriously....All problems are solved when I am running.

Making MY health a priority allows me to be the mother and wife that I need to be for them.

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Turning Point

Audrey is now 9months old. I have to admit that this time around I have not been consistent with my 'diet' or exercise program so it has taken me a while to lose the weight. Who cares. I have living to do and bon bons to eat.

Seriously do you want to know my secret this time?

I run Usually twice a week on a good week
I breastfeed my baby
I have been eating REAL FOOD.

That's it. Seriously. I've taken a serious turn in the food department. I refuse to eat crap food any more. I refuse to put into my body preservatives, sugars, and stuff that God would NEVER consider FOOD!!!!

I refuse to ever eat a hot dog again. Seriously they are not kidding when they say lips and eyeballs, nitrites and food colouring. Why oh WHY do we constantly FEED this to our children? Is it because they like it?? Think about that statement. SERIOUSLY consider it because if you love someone why would you feed them sub par food that is seriously toxic.

Don't even get me started on Kraft dinner 'cheese' powder, 'cheese' whiz....WHIZ??? What the H@ll is THAT???

MOCK chicken? If it is not chicken that WHAT IS IT?????

These are just a couple of examples....

Want to know what has happened to me since I started making a serious effort to eat real food (including hamburger that is made from GASP.... Hamburger)

I've shed weight,
I am not hungry as often
I eat good creamy yummy food
I hardly ever get bloated as my body is not trying to process all those chemicals.
I poop regularly and my poop doesn't smell gross (seriously)
My moods are more regulated. When I eat more sugar for a 'kick' I find I get sooooo grumpy soon after for no reason.

These are just a couple of reasons but I feel I'm on my way to better health. I did not realize how far I had come until I bit into a prepared grocery store burger and did not taste any meat whatsoever and then wondered what on earth I was really eating.

That's it for now. I need to go make breakfast. Two backyard chicken eggs fried in coconut oil with organic spinach and tomato's....yumm.


Stacey said...

That sounds wonderful. I just don't know how I could handle never eating ice cream or cake again!

desperatelyseekingsuzin.blogspot.com said...

As someone who very very much believes in what you are saying, I am somewhat overwhelmed by it to be honest. I am just trying to make it a goal to eat out less, including less fast food-so sometimes I buy the packaged "healthy" food so that it is easier to cook at home quickly. I WANT to eat real food all the time, I really do. but seriously, give up Cheez Whiz!!! Everyone needs a vice!!

Kirsten said...

Suzin- you're absolutely right. If you try to give up the vices- all at the same time- you will fail. I've said it on my blog too- small concessions amount to a lot in the long run. Start picking a few things to say "sionara" to, then the rest will come in time.
Aly- I'm super proud of you. :)

Bobbi Kenow said...

What an encouraging blog! Thank you! Would you ever consider posting a blog of your most basic daily meal plan?? I LOVE coconut oil! A girlfriend of mine has free range/grass fed chickens and she gives me 1dozen eggs a week in exchange for a haircut...talk about win win!!

Again, thanks for this blog!

The Kerr Family said...

I couldn't agree more Alyson. After going through some health issues last year I really learned about the powerful healing properties of what you put into your body (as well as how you can make yourself sick with it). I started making all my meals from scratch (still do) with the only additions being some very select sauces that I read the label on and know everything that's in them. I like the PC Organics product line for that. My kids eat 95% of what I eat but I do allow some other foods for them b/c I'm also a believer in moderation and want them to experience treats so they don't feel deprived and rebel later. I can absolutely feel when I've put something in my body that isn't 'right' for it.

Anita said...

Wonderful! I have recently been amazed at how much I've cut out 'the bad' and added a lot more of 'the good' food. Definately... in moderation.. cutting my coffee back from 6 to 1 a day (if that some days) has done me wonders. Since I started running as well I WANT to eat more healthy. And the odd times we go out for dinner and I *try* to eat healthy.. I still feel like crap.. and wonder to myself.. "What was in that stuff they call food anyway" -- eek and to think I use to eat like that ALL the time.

OK ~~~ but the bon bon comment... REALLY! You KNOW that's what we do Alyson... don't try to deny it! We ARE the bon bon taste testers!! ☺☺ hee oooppsse... gotta go try my new flavour of bon bon that just came in the mail! GREAT POST! Gotta run together soon... REAL soon!