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Sunday, April 6, 2008

More POOP Matters

Since we are on the topic of our intestines....let's cover Colon Cleanses/Detox shall we??

Many people like the cleanses because they loose 5 pounds fast, and they just feel better.
I won't dispute the 5 pound thing, or perhaps the exhilaration that comes with losing 5 pounds in two days.

However. Here are some facts for you.

1) Most of the weight you loose is water weight. You will gain it back as soon as you eat/drink something.

2) If you are regular (as in poop once a day...) there is not 5 pounds of poop in your guts

3) With these Detox diets, they usually put you on a low calorie diet...as in rice, vegetables, ect, so your body does lose some weight. HOWEVER.... When at rest, if you are not eating, your body burns protein (your muscle) and NOT FAT because it takes less energy to do so.
Just so you know.

4) You have bacteria in your intestines for A REASON. To digest and break down your food. When you go on some detox/cleansing diets, you are ridding your body of the good stuff as well. This is not good, and can cause digestive problems later on.


*After a cleanse/detox you should ALWAYS take accidophilis supplements. That will restore the good flora in your intestines. And...FYI you should also do this after ANTIBIOTIC treatments. This is a good thing to do for you children after they take Antibiotics for those ear infections. Just head over to your local health food store and get the good stuff.

*When you are losing weight, any more than 2/3 pounds a week, you are also losing water and protein. Than why in the beginning of a diet do we tend to lose more faster? Because you are shedding EXCESS water that you are carrying (bloat) most likely due to salt intake from eating crappy food.

*Some people use laxatives as a weight loss solution...They don't work for the same reasons as above, AND cause serious nutrient absorbtion issues. Stay away

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C.B. in GA. said...

Hey! Thanks for posting that. You've included some valuable info that I never heard from doctors. Referencing the probiotics (flora) especially, they are the only thing that helped me after months of IBS meds and tests. In hindsight, I had been on about 3 rounds of antibiotics in only several months but never once heard about probiotics from the professionals. It was actually my parents that mentioned them while I was home visiting! Its sad I missed so much work and couldn't help it but it was so easily fixed with the right thing! Thanks again for spreading the word.