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Friday, April 4, 2008


I know. you are thinking, she is not going to seriously talk about POOP is she?


So here you go.

A good indicator of your digestive health and nutrition is the analysis of your poop. If your poop is off, most likely so is your nutrition, and overall health due to absorption of vital nutrients.

This is what Healthy poop should look like.

* Light Brown in colour (kind of like Graham Crackers)
* solid, not broken up or splat-like
* The piece should be long...C or S curved.
* It should not be overly difficult to get out
* It should not contain white worm like things in it...or blood(obviously)
* It should not smell bad. Seriously. I am not talking roses...just not fan worthy.
* You should have a movement every day.
* It should not be painful.

These are guidelines. If it floats it means it is fatty and your body is not absorbing it.

To get the above proper poop conditions...

Make sure you are eating Fruits and veggies (more nutrients)
Increase fibre in your diet (add bulk to it)
limit caffeine and alcohol intake (dehydrating, and loose stools)
Drink Water (helps it process and helps in the elimination process)
Stop Smoking (It causes loose stools)
Limit fast food junk filled with preservatives
Watch your saturated fats (hamburgers, and cheese)

EXERCISE!!! Believe it or not, EXERCISE helps GITT (Gastro.Intestinal Transit Time) That is the time it takes for food to move through your system.
Very important in people 50 and over.

So next time you are sitting on the Toilet....take a Peek, and check out your intestinal Health!!

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Cathy said...

Good stuff Alyson!