I manage a country homestead and the lives of my 4 babies ages 10,8,5 and 3. I LOVE TO RUN and NEED to keep healthy and fit for my SANITY!! Seriously....All problems are solved when I am running.

Making MY health a priority allows me to be the mother and wife that I need to be for them.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


This program is for people who just want to complete a 10km, not for winning the thing. That is why this program focuses on TIME and not distance. Focusing on time prepares my body to run for that period of time without hurting....too much :)

I am going to write down a 6 week program beginning at the ability to run 25 minutes without stopping. I have a 10km run I would like to complete in only 4 weeks so I am going to up the intensity a bit....however like always I am going to judge what my body is telling me. If I am not ready to run the 10km in four weeks I will run/walk it. After all....if Terry Fox can do it so can I.

* This program is based on running four times a week, and biking twice. The biking is necessary for leg muscle strength to prevent knee problems. It will also help to alleviate stiffness and soreness.
* Make sure you stretch every night. Flexibility is also important.
* Play with the days depending on what is good for you
* The Goal is to increase the time by no more than 10% a week.
* We are assuming it will take about an hour to complete the 10km.

Week M T W Th Fri Sat Sun Total Running minutes/week
1 Off 30 Bike 30 Bike 25 45 130
2 Off 30 Bike 30 Bike 30 45 135
3 Off 35 Bike 30 Bike 30 45 140
4 Off 35 Bike 35 Bike 25 50 145
5 Off 40 Bike 35 Bike 35 50 160
6 Off 40 Off 35 off 10 RUN

If you notice a lack of energy....cut back the bike rides to zero or once a week.
It is very important to rest and recover the week before the run as well.

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