I manage a country homestead and the lives of my 4 babies ages 10,8,5 and 3. I LOVE TO RUN and NEED to keep healthy and fit for my SANITY!! Seriously....All problems are solved when I am running.

Making MY health a priority allows me to be the mother and wife that I need to be for them.

Monday, June 11, 2007

smoothies are yummy!

I have been trying to stay away from too much coffee. I'm back to just tea in the morning and then I'm working on finding my energy through really healthy eating and a lot of water during the day.
I have been getting a little dehydrated from too much coffee, a little bit of wine, and too much salt from snacks at night. The heat does not help either so enough of this. I get bloated and tired when I don't consume enough water so I've been focusing on taking good care of my body.

I find a shake in between breakfast and lunch does the trick.
Strawberries, a banana, Vanilla soy milk, soy protein powder, vanilla yogurt, and so green juice (apple juice mixed with spirulina and wheat grass).

Yummy. The key to is to make sure I get enough protein to keep me satiated for a while. If I allow myself to get too hungry I'll reach for more sugar to 'perk me up'. When I stay away from sugar my moods stabilize as well. I don't experience those sugar highs and lows.

Two more weeks and I get to start exercising. I must admit I'm a little nervous about it. It feels like it has been so long! I guess it has really.

Untill then I will keep trying to sleep and eat right. That is all I can ask of myself right now.


Cathy said...

Alyson! Wow! Great job!

Carey said...

Your doing a great job. I admire your positive attitude. I check your blog daily, for it helps keep my mood positive. Since reading your blog, im down 4 pounds, 10 more to go! Keep up the good work.