I manage a country homestead and the lives of my 4 babies ages 10,8,5 and 3. I LOVE TO RUN and NEED to keep healthy and fit for my SANITY!! Seriously....All problems are solved when I am running.

Making MY health a priority allows me to be the mother and wife that I need to be for them.

Friday, June 1, 2007

plugging along

I'm not on the internet in our new home yet so I can't post any pics. So far the move has been strenuous...alot of unpacking and cleaning...and taking care of three little people. I am tired but trying to rest as much as possible. I forget to eat sometimes but am trying to eat well. Still working on my kiegle exercises :) and drinking loads of water. I don't look pregnant at all, but my clothes are still pretty tight. I think I am skinnier than I am. I'm reminded as soon as I go to put on my old summer clothes. Oh well.

Peyton is now almost three weeks old if you can believe it. I am now 133 pounds and have 13 pounds to lose. I will start exercising at 6 weeks. (short walks)

Right now my uterus is still sore when I over do it so just getting through the day is good enough for now.

on that note....I am tired and I'm going to bed.

please pray for energy for me.


Maxwell Maroon said...

Its nice that you made a commitment to be fit. You kind of remind me of my mom who always goes to the gym. I prefer running outside.

Carey said...

You are doing great! You seem to have such a positive attitude about life, that is wonderful!

The Kerr Family said...

Seriously?! How am I supposed to feel motivated when we have the same amount of weight to lose and our babies were born almost 14 months apart!