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Friday, April 13, 2012

What's in My Fridge

I get asked a lot about the contents of my fridge and cupboards. People are curious to know what I have on hand for a quick snack, and what are the staples of my diet.

So for fun I thought I would 'show' you what is in my fridge right now. I say right now, because this list changes depending on what season we are in. Last year I decided to try to eat as locally and within season as I can, supporting local farmers like myself, reducing my carbon footprint and consuming as little chemicals as possible.

Before I list the items you need to keep a few things in mind :

1) I am a simple cook. I will list my usual weekly purchases and stuff I can't live without.
2) I'm not perfect. I believe in balance
3) The vegetable and fruits I list are ORGANIC, and/or LOCAL. There are of course exceptions. Bananas being one of them. O.K Avocado as well. If I could have a banana and avocado tree in my backyard I would. Oh how I would!!
4) We live on a farm...just in case any of you didn't know that ;)

So here you Go:

Farm fresh eggs
Raw grass fed milk,cream,butter
Green juice ( a smoothie type thing filled with spirulina and wheat grass but tastes great)
Almond, rice or coconut milk. 
Unpasteurized cold pressed apple cider
Mayonnaise ( I could invest in Hellman's..it is a problem)
cream cheese (one day I will learn how to make my own)
Cheese ( mozzarella, and mild cheddar from a LOCAL dairy)
Spinach,Romaine lettuce,Avocado, Carrots,Celery, cucumbers
Yogurt. The full fat kind. Again, I'll figure out how to make my own at some point.
Apples sauce. I buy unsweetened organic. Why I have yet to take the time to make my own I don't know. Maybe next year. For now I will just save the jars.
Maple syrup
Leftovers  and opened stuff from my cupboards...I'll write those items there
Pesto, Salsa!!
Curry Paste
Salad dressings and sauces (  I make terrible salad dressing. I check the organic aisle FIRST for something good without horrible chemicals. This includes Dad's BBQ sauce. An amazing product. This holds true for my mustard's and ketchup's. I must admit however there are several bottles of Kraft dressings on the door. Like I said...not perfect.

Meat.  I cook a roast,cut it up thin, vacuum seal it and put it in the freezer. The portions are small enough for a few days worth of sandwiches.  For chicken I cook a whole chicken or chicken breast  and we eat the leftovers as sandwich meat.  I also purchase salami from a local and amazing butcher.  Every once in a while I'll buy the Maple leaf naturals, but as soon as I remember the pigs are factory confined pigs or turkeys or chickens I regret my purchase.

frozen berries,
frozen jam,
butter from the store
bread because I buy the stuff without preservatives
homemade chicken broth
frozen vegetables
Meat, chicken, fish
maple syrup

Now for my cupboards:

Baking supplies. Again, I shop the organic aisle first for organic,and/or local companies. I also use the Bulk Barn, and a local food distributor. I am going to be buying my flour from a local company in bulk soon. For now I just choose the organic stuff.

Flour (white,spelt,Red fife), Oatmeal, Agave nectar, coconut oil ( virgin and extra virgin), Vanilla, Aluminum free Baking soda and Baking powder, Sea Salt,Spices, Chocolate chips, shaved coconut,

Bananas, Tomatoes
Potatoes, Sweet potatoes
Pasta. Conventional and rice pasta.
Rice. It is white. I can't stand brown rice. Sorry. But I cook it in homemade chicken broth so it makes me feel better.
coconut in a can. This stuff is amazing in shakes and smoothies
Wheat grass/spirulina type powdery stuff. I HATE the taste of it so I hide it with a swig of juice
nuts of all kinds, chia and flax seeds
Popcorn. The natural stuff that we air pop. The bagged stuff will kill you.
Some different sorts of teas
Canned beans. chickpeas,red and white beans. Eden organic beans are amazing
Pizza/pasta sauce. Again, Eden organic is an amazing product.
peanut butter,almond butter
All Natural, local Honey. Save the bees. Buy local honey.
canned pumpkin/butternut squash
dried fruit
organic quick cooking oatmeal.  not the boxed kind. We add frozen berries,honey and yogurt.
cereal.  ( cereal is really not great for you. So we buy Kashi brand, and granola)
Bars for snacks . Lara bars,Cliff bars,
Arrowroot crackers and Premium plus. ( they are cheap. This is our go to when we are in a pinch)
( I make muffins A LOT, to reduce packaged snacks)
Wraps. I love these things. We have both awful/wonderful white bread ones and RICE wraps.

That is all I can think of for now. I'm sure a few things change every once in a while, but generally these are the things I purchase.

Want to know what is in my cupboards that sits there day after day year after year???
dried beans
brown rice
sun butter
a bunch of baking stuff/boxed stuff

There is also a lot of stuff in my freezer that I seem to pass by all the time. I think some of it I'm really just not sure what it is anymore. lol

I really should either eat it or throw some of it out.

So there you have it.
My cupboards.

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