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Making MY health a priority allows me to be the mother and wife that I need to be for them.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Post Race Recovery

My body likes two days off running from a run lasting longer than 12kms. I'm good with that. I'm on day two post 1/2 Marathon race and I'm feeling pretty good.

I thought I would share some tips on what I do to recover from a hard workout and to prepare my body for the next one. These principles can be used for any hard workout and should change the way you look at your diet routine.  After strenuous exercise your body is depleted. Not only do you need to repair and restore your body, you also need to get ready for the next work out.

A good sign that you didn't recover properly is sore muscles and fatigue during your next workout.

1)  Drink plenty of water.  This helps with lactic acid and other 'junk' in your system and muscles.

2) Get into an ice bath post workout. Fill the tub, to your navel. Get in. Read a book for 10mins after you stop screaming and your butt goes numb. It helps with muscle recovery. Trust me.

3) Take it Easy. Sounds easy, but for us moms it isn't. The day after a marathon is not the day to organize that basement.

4) Within an HOUR after your workout consume some carbs and protein.  You can do that in a shake it you don't feel like eating something.  You NEED to get your glycogen stores back into your muscles. If not you will begin your next workout depleted.

5) Consume as many vitamins and minerals as possible. Fruits and Veggies galore. Get those amazing greens into you, and those berries. The antioxidants will help flush that system and renew your energy

6) Sleep. Go to bed early

7) Elevate your feet. I've heard wonderful things about the knee high compression socks. I have yet to try them myself but they look cute and apparently help with recovery.

8) The next day I always take a hot soothing bath with Epsom Salts. This is so amazing for soothing sore muscles and aches.

9) Don't forget to stretch!!!! Stretch right after your work out, and the next day take a little time to stretch Yoga style.  I do a few jumping jacks first to get my heart rate up. I'm buying a Yoga for runners DVD that I think will help my flexibility and core strength.

I'm sure there is more advice I have. Most likely I'll think of it as soon as I press the Submit button. But that is it for now!! Tomorrow I'll let you in on my post race day diet.

Happy Running,


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