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Making MY health a priority allows me to be the mother and wife that I need to be for them.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My weight loss plan for you...Because I love you ;)

Do you remember almost two years ago when I mentioned that my diet plan was to eat as natural as possible? My goal was to cut out as much processed food as I could, eliminating chemicals and hormones in my food.   Ever since I've done that I've maintained my weight. I don't yoyo like a lot of people. I also don't crave sweets much anymore.  I also find that I am not as 'addicted' to food as I used to be. I feel like I can eat less and feel more full, and be satisfied with what I am eating.  I've also noticed that when I am eating more processed food I just don't feel as good. My stomach looks flabbier, my skin is not quite as radiant, I'm more tired, and my moods suffer.

When I say processed food I am not talking cheese in a can type of thing. What I'm talking about is simple store bought breads and canned tomato sauce type of thing.

So why? why does it make SUCH a big difference when I eat whole foods?  I started looking into things and I finally have the answers. Well, at least SOME of the answers.  I'm not an expert by any means and I'm sure there is a TON of things I don't know, but for now I do feel more empowered with answers.

SO... if you have been struggling with 'dieting', weight loss and weight gain I have a couple of resources for you. In fact...there is a new book out by a man I respect in the industry that puts all the knowledge together for people like you.  No I'm not plugging his book. I will not benefit from this in anyway...but YOU will.

The name of the book is 'The Dark Side of Fat Loss' and I encourage anyone struggling with weight to read it. You will be blown away by the information in it that will empower you with the knowledge to finally beat your weight struggles.

If you don't trust me or the book I have a few other starter places for you. Some are short videos that will get you to think about food a little differently.

Here you Go:

Book: Wheat Belly. Read it. devour it.
Book: Toxic Relief. I like it for the information in the first half.
Video:  Sugar:The bitter Truth. you can watch the full 1.5 long video or the Short Version.
Videos....Go to YouTube:  type in Shan larter and watch her videos on eating disorder recovery. If you don't believe you have an eating disorder, watching her videos on sugar addiction may convince you other wise :)
Videos...YouTube:  Sean Croxton at UndergroundWellness. Start with the video Is God Stupid?  Then go on from there. His videos are short and to the point and packed with science and information.

OR:  Don't do all of the above. Try eating as natural as you possibly can for a week and see how you feel. But EAT!!!  The worse thing you can do when trying to lose weight is to cut your calories. you NEED to eat but eat the right foods and you NEED to move and work your body.

That's it. Any questions? feel free to ask me.

love Fit mom ;)


Mommysalada said...

Hey FitMom! I love your blog! I am just getting into the blogging world so I am still learning. I decided to start blogging for my weightloss journey and I came across your blog. I have always been overweight, but as a new mom and wife I find myself wanting to become healthy even more. I want to be a better mother, have more energy and teach my kids a healthy lifestyle. I was raised with parents who ate horrible foods, and in turn I have always been overweight. I am trying to retrain myself and teach myself how to live a healthy lifestyle. I just wanted to tell you thank you for inspiring blog;)

Nicole said...

I would add The Hormone Diet to your list. Recommended by my naturopath, and explains why so many of us struggle with cravings, addiction and weight issues. Also helps to figure out food sensitivities. It works!

alltheprettythings said...

Yes, I would add the Hormone Diet as well... That was oh so good...

and yes eating better foods make you feel better.. shouldn't really be rocket science, yet somehow in the day to day....

One thing that discouraged me on the whole "real foods" transition (beginning with any book by Michael Pollen and a must read Nourishing Traditions), was that the more I knew, the fatter I became, the more disillusioned I was at the grocery store, the more the budget grew... There were so many days I just wanted to be the ignorant, unknowing one who could just buy the cheap granola bars for lunches!!! Oh cheap Quaker Granola Bars, why could I not put you in my cart..

I finally have figured it all out.... what I am willing to eat, processed and all, just because it is sentimental, makes me feel good, is a treat, and what I will not compromise on-the whole 80-20 rule that I try hard to live by.

I also hate the kitchen so making everything from scratch is not my thing, so my budget is blown on buying homemade, preservative free stuff, when I know I could make it for SO MUCH cheaper than Tara foods can sell it..

Anyway, that's my two cents from someone on a journey....