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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Sugar problem...Along with everything else

Halloween is over and forgotten. The candy filled with sugar, preservatives and food colouring is out of my house!!

I tell y'a. That stuff is just evil. Seriously. There is no good that ever came from that stuff. It is just not worth it around here.
We started craving sweets,our moods turned grumpy, and we started to get colds.
We did it to ourselves. That jar of candy was like a drug. We thought we could 'have just one a day'. But our self control turned into necessity....

The sad part is that as soon as we got rid of it, the Christmas parties are starting. The candy. The 'treats'. Why do people think they are the only one giving my children these 'treats'? Why do adults think this is the only way to make a child 'happy'? It is a sore point with me. One that is too convoluted and complicated to explain.

The short of it.... The abundance of sugar, food colouring and additives given to our children is killing them.

I was going to blog about this a long time ago. Explaining it pretty well is my friend Shan Larter. Attached is her video on sugar. I highly recommend pressing play and listen to what she has to say. What she says is not new. Why North America continues to ignore that SO MANY of our health issues come from our diet is beyond my understanding......

As I write this I hear that doctors are finally admitting that food preservatives 'may' affect your child's behaviour. Again this is not new. The knowledge and research is out there but until it hits the National News and is no longer a 'radical' idea people remain unwilling to change.

O.K that is my rant for the day. Short and sweet.

So eat some real food today, and check out Shan's video ;)

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