I manage a country homestead and the lives of my 4 babies ages 10,8,5 and 3. I LOVE TO RUN and NEED to keep healthy and fit for my SANITY!! Seriously....All problems are solved when I am running.

Making MY health a priority allows me to be the mother and wife that I need to be for them.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can You Imagine???

Today was even Hotter than yesterday. The only thing saving me from hibernating in my bathtub is knowing that it rarely gets any hotter than this.

Oh...and having fabulous friends that have pools and air conditioning...God Bless you Anita.

Just the two little ones, no organized activities and no husband....What else is there to do other than go visit friends, hang out and pretty much do what I want??? I'm kind of liking this. I get to do whatever and go wherever and don't have to 'ask' anyone else if they need the car or have any errands they want to do. O.K so I DO still have the two little ones so I suppose I AM kind of busy ;) But it is nice to be LESS busy.

Wow....Can you imagine having an ENTIRE week to yourself???? Like, no husband AND no children??? I could go for lunch, shop a little, soak in the tub, meet my girlfriends for a wine night and SLEEP IN!!!!!

Just for a week.

I think I just may make an IKEA trip while I'm at it...

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Anita said...

You are sooo very welcome! Soo glad you have the three (well actually four) of you over! I know it was CRRAAAAZZY hot today! :]