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Making MY health a priority allows me to be the mother and wife that I need to be for them.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Gross I know...but It's the Truth

O.K, so I have been a little ill this past weekend. Not too ill, but ill enough that I threw up for 24hrs AGAIN. I think it was a combo of a tiny little stomach bug, and NOT eating, which made me sick. For someone who feels nauseous every two hours if I don't eat, I'm not sure what was really wrong.... throwing up because I was sick, or because I was not eating..

Anyway, I'm fine now. Just a little dehydrated. My body kept every drop of water I was able to consume in the last two days. Which means.....Ummm....constipation.

I know...I know...You don't really want to know this. Too bad. I have a point I need to make.


No poop for 2 days.

This morning however my body decided it needed to go.

To cut to the chase here, I had the WIDEST,AND HARDEST poop I've ever had in my life this morning.

It was THE MOST PAINFUL THING. I screamed.....I cried...and yes I was reminded of you guessed it... What I am going to have to go through in the next 5/6 months.....CHILDBIRTH.





Have I mentioned that I'm petrified to give birth because I vividly remember the pain???



The Kerr Family said...

ROTFLMAO! Thanks for the laugh in the middle of my afternoon :) Just keep telling yourself that this is the last time you'll ever have to push a human being out of your body. Perhaps no one's mentioned this to you but they do make drugs to help w/ the pain! Perhaps you should walk in backwards ;)

Erin said...

lol only you Alyson. i remember with paige the panick that started to seep in as i prepared myself for what i knew was imminent.

Anonymous said...

your body was made for this.. feel empowered, feel excited that you have the ability to do this,feel confidence that your body has a memory and will know just want to do...

BLAH BLAH BLAH....somehow all of that means nothing in the end.. I actually did somewhat enjoy-not the right word, but like the feeling after it was done-the pure relief that I am assuming I would not have felt if I wasn't feeling the pain so intensely-or moaning so much, but really you've been there-no need to have that again -walk in backwards...


Bess said...

Yup, it's painful...but remember: it doesn't last for months or years, and it DOES come to an end. Thank God!!!

One book: Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way. It was one of the things (besides my back-rubbing husband) that helped me through childbirth 8 months ago. Highly recommend it!

Marie said...

Um. OK, you went there, I'm going there. I once had that same problem with my last pregnancy, and then, after a LOOOOONG time, the stupid thing was too big to flush down the toilet. I spent FOR.EVER. plunging the darn toilet.

My pipes are now bigger than its.

Not. Good.

ps. Do you recommend your book you are reading?