I manage a country homestead and the lives of my 4 babies ages 10,8,5 and 3. I LOVE TO RUN and NEED to keep healthy and fit for my SANITY!! Seriously....All problems are solved when I am running.

Making MY health a priority allows me to be the mother and wife that I need to be for them.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Breaking things down

I decided I would like to run the Marathon in 4:00 Hrs doing 10:1. (run10min:walk1)

That means For:

1Km a pace of 5:32

5Km a time of 28 mins.

10Km in about 56 minutes

Half Marathon 2hrs

Since I can run a very slow 10km in about 60 mins I think this goal is achievable. I have ample time to train and by the Fall I should be faster and able to go much longer distances.

At this point, the idea that my long runs will be over a Half Marathon is quite daunting....so I won't think about that.

One step at a time.

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MurrayvilleMom said...

Go Alyson Go...boom boom boom!