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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Food vs Poison

I know, the title of this blog is pretty harsh but I am starting to feel pretty strongly about this. I am just sick and tired of being fed crap at the grocery store without knowing that I am eating crap. I am tired of only finding out about certain foods after a good friend tells me or I do the research myself.

I want to see proper commercials for REAL food and AND AND I want to see proper nutrition classes taught in the school system.

I'm not here to rant...just give you the facts or at least some of them.

This can was cheap. Seems good right? The company has been around since the 1800's and so it must be good old fashioned goodness. The can has a nice picture on it. There are vegetables and spices in it and it is 'premium' so it must be GREAT FOR ME right? oh and convenient and fast because lets me honest I'm a Mom of 4 and hate cooking.
The nutritional information looks good. 10% daily iron that's good right? Some Vitamin C and A, Calcium. All Good stuff. Whoa!!! 1/2 Cup of sauce has 24% of my DAILY salt intake? O.K so a little high but won't kill me.

You know what WILL KILL ME? (Kill me as eventually cause chronic disease such as hypertension, diabetes,obesity, depression, hormone problems and cancer) The GLUCOSE-FRUCTOSE, Corn Syrup Sugar and last but not least the BPA the can is lined with.

Thanks for that.

Here is an alternative that is most likely sitting on your grocery shelf waiting for you to buy her.

Tomatoes from OUR COUNTRY (support your local farmer), and Tomato juice.

Tomatoes and Tomato juice. No sugar, No BPA. Did you know that Eden organic is one of the company's out there that has not used BPA in their cans? Did you know there are others? Did you know that most other cans ARE poisoning us?
Well you do now.
My point.....
You have choices. They are out there and some of the choices over time with save you and your family from chronic diseases. Seriously. I would tell you about the Glucose Fructose but you all watched the video I posted earlier and know already right ? ;) And the more you buy these choices the cheaper they will get...
Oh...and sauce convenience?
Put in pot. Add a little salt, oregano and basil. Heat.
Serve with pasta.
And my quest for real food continues......Happy Eating!!


Nicole said...

Alyson--I sooooo agree! It is absolutely horrifying what passes as healthy. I've always tried to have healthy food for my family, and even that isn't good enough. I'm a teacher and when I see the stuff in my students' lunches...it gives me shivers. And we wonder why so many kids have ADHD and get sick so much?! Yuck! I pray that more people become educated and start making better food choices!

AnnG said...

I'm working on eating the 'good for you real foods' but find that sometimes it is hard. I know it will benefit my health though as I get better at it. Thanks for passing on the things you find.

Carey said...

How do you know which cans have the BPA?

lookingattheprettythings.blogspot.com said...

I love Eden Organic. We buy so many of their can goods for exactly that reason-no BPA..

Another thing to look at as well as traditional cereal boxes. The liners inside of them that hold the cereal are lined in preservative chemicals as well.. just a side note..


Kirsten said...

Have you found the pizza and pasta sauce from EO also? Looks exactly like that little can. Heaven!!!