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Making MY health a priority allows me to be the mother and wife that I need to be for them.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Diet These Days

I have been asked a few times to describe what I eat in a typical day. First I will give you some general 'rules' I follow.

1) I try to eat in season and eat it until I am sick of it. I don't need to eat apples in December produced who knows where and sprayed with who knows what. Waiting for things to be in season makes it all the tastier. The exception to my rule is Bananas and Avocados. I love them. I deal with the consequences, and since I truck them in from El Salvador or wherever in the summer I might as well do the same in the winter ;)
So other than some exceptions (because I'm human and not perfect) this is what I try to do....In order.

A: Eat from my own Garden or kitchen from scratch
B: Someone else's Garden or farm local
C: Ontario Greenhouse
D: Canada or USA (oranges for example)
E: Canadian food Factory
F: Foreign Food Factory.

Side Note: I like that the Foreign Food Factory gets an 'F'...haha

2) I debate sometimes between organic from another country and local non-organic....it's a tough choice.

Because I try to eat REAL food as much as possible and in abundance of what is in season my diet changes drastically. Also, in the heat of the summer cooking is not my favorite thing so things change here as well.

I also need a bread machine and my own dairy cow. Something in my future. For now I buy fresh bread and freeze it, and I drink mostly raw milk from a local producer. I do however buy cheese (local factory) and Natural organic Yogurt (from a foreign food factory). Our beef is OURS. No fillers. Just pure beef. I try to get most of my products from Wendy's Mobile Market. It is a local company that picks up goods from local farmers and delivers it to my doorstep. From there I head to the local store that sells local milk (the non raw stuff), the Bulk Barn for some organic stuff (not local), and Finally to the Superstore where most of our shopping is done in the outside ailes and the organic section. Even then I my purchases here are becoming less and less.

My goal is to learn how to preserve/can so I can eat my own food for as long as possible throughout the fall/winter.

Fast Food??? Veggie subs, supermarket sushi or ready sandwiches, and pizza from a locally owned restaurant.

OH...and I choose full fat over fat free because most fat free stuff contains refined sugar and/or aspertame. yucky. I allow myself to eat creamy goodness and thus eat LESS of it and don't binge from rebellion over my own self imposed restrictions. Works for me...makes me skinny.

So with THAT info here you go. An example.. (these days)

Coffee with Raw Milk (so creamy and fattening)

2 Farm Fresh Eggs in coconut oil in iron skillet
Tomato (heated in pan)
fresh basil from my garden
melted cheese

snack...carrots/fresh fruit/Lara Bar BEST PROCESSED SNACK BAR EVER/nuts/homemade muffins

cucumber cream cheese sandwich on fresh bread
real butter
grapes (I know, imported. whatever)

Shake: full fat real yogurt, berries,banana,

meat or fish of some sort, potatoes grilled with oil and sea salt and herbs, salad...lots of it.
or noodles with butter, basil and Parmesan cheese
or pizza
frozen organic corn or beans. nothing added to them
Broccoli steamed.
or rice cooked in my steamer.

So basically I'm a SIMPLE chef. I like simple fast easy meals. I am starting to make my own dressings and sauces more and more. I also don't EVER buy a bag of cookies. That just sets me up for failure.

If I'm craving chocolate?? in the mouth goes a handful of chocolate chips. Why not. Live a little.

So that is my diet. A least that what it looks like today.

Happy Eating...Alyson

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desperatelyseekingsuzin.blogspot.com said...

I'm trying this experiment in which I avoid all regular grocery like stores for 3 weeks-thought I would try something small. So far, I have been successful, but it is hard I am finding to have things in the house that are quick-other than grilled cheese and sandwiches-any tips? Oh and of course, something my children will eat..

I like your order of the food you consume. Even Seamus now knows to look at the box to see where it is made/produced and whether we will buy it-just like the toys..